NEUX Rainbow Tree

The NEUX Rainbow Tree is a new gradient color scheme generator (color picker) for creating accessible web content. Once you set your foreground and background, you will get all 12 hues of colors that allows you to pick the right color for the right contrast.


Simple! Just input your foreground color and background color in hex format, and push the Analysis button. The result has 3 parts. The first part shows basic information of your colors, includes their RGB values, HSL values, W3C luminance, and W3C contrast. The other 2 parts show the color tiles and the W3C contrast values will be added to the tiles. Click the tiles will copy the hex color value into your clipboard. Your foreground color will be displayed in bold font and underlined so you can recognize it.


There're so many color generators (color pickers) in the world, why should we build our own? That's because we want this new color generator could meet all the following requirements:

  1. Hues
    Input one color, get all 12 hues of colors based on the hue value of foreground color. So if the designers want to do the hue shifting, they can do it.
  2. Saturation
    We hope all generated colors have the same saturation as the input foreground color. So all the generated colors are the same flavor.
  3. Luminance
    Luminance demo
    We hope all generated colors in the same row have the same luminance, so they will have the same meaning to color weakness users.
  4. Psychological Color Correction™
    Psychological Color Correction demo
    Normally, we will notice the green in the darker yellow. With Psychological Color Correction, we now can fix this issue and make darker yellow more red and darker blue bluer.

Questions and Answer

Q: The web design of this tool is too rudimentary. Will you redesign it?
A: This is an MVP to verify our ideas. If we have enough time, we will redesign it.

Q: How to contact you if I have any questions or suggestions?
A: Please feel free to contact Hardy and Greg.

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